Stardew Valley rencontre Animal Crossing : Téléchargement gratuit sur Nintendo Switch

Stardew Valley rencontre Animal Crossing : Téléchargement gratuit sur Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch free download is Stardew Valley meets Animal Crossing


While it may not have been a Game of the Year contender, Fae Farm was easily amongst my favourite releases of 2023.

Fae Farm: A Cosy Gaming Experience

If you also enjoy a spot of cosy gaming, you’re going to want to read on. Fae Farm should be of interest to those of you who also enjoy titles like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. In Fae Farm, you’ll find yourself washed ashore in the land of Azoria following a devastating storm. Luckily for you, the townsfolk soon welcome you in and gift you your own farm and homestead to take care of. From here on in, you can decorate, farm, mine, and craft to your heart’s content but alongside this, the town’s mayor asks if you might be able to investigate the mysterious whirlpools preventing Azoria’s residents from leaving these lands.

Gameplay and Reviews

I had the opportunity to review Fae Farm last year, rating it a very respectable eight out of 10. Our review read, “Fae Farm is a game that I can see a very bright future for – one that is full of undeniable longevity and promise. In fact, I’m already curious to see what adventure my character might be taken on next. Despite having already sunk many hours into Fae Farm, I know with certainty that I’m not going to stop improving my new little home anytime soon.” “Fae Farm is the gaming equivalent of cosying up with a blanket and a warm cup of tea – albeit a cup of tea that, on occasion, may leave a mildly unpleasant taste. There are improvements to be made but it’s a game that’s comforting, entertaining, and oh so very easy to get lost in.”

Free Demo and Updates

If that piques your interest, a free demo is available to sample right over on the Nintendo eShop which allows you to play up until Day Five of the game. When it’s free, you’ve got nothing to lose. If you’ve landed here and you’re already a seasoned Fae Farm player, the free Spring Update has recently dropped bringing with it new cosmetics, outdoor items, and the ability to double day length. This follows the free Coasts of Croakia DLC expansion which added a major new area to the map. You really should give this underrated gem a whirl if you can.


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